Will Maynard

Privacy Policy

Last updated: 2018/02/21

I will never sell or transfer private personal information about any visitor on my site. All information I collect is used solely for user experience on the site or for communication with me or in discussion on the blog. I do not store any personal information collected by WillMaynard.com in a database.

WillMaynard.com does not require a password or registration of any kind. When a user signs in with Google OAuth, I collect the following information and store it with HTML5's local storage:

  • OAuth token
  • Email Address

This data is not sent to the server on login.

When a user submits a comment on the blog, the following information is gathered from a user's Google Account and stored on the server:

  • Given and Family Name
  • Email Address
  • Profile Photo URL

When a user submits a message through the contact form, the following information is sent in an email to me (will@willmaynard.com):

  • Entered name
  • Entered email address
  • Entered phone number
  • Entered message

If you wish for your data to be removed, please contact me over email at will@willmaynard.com or by phone at 408.596.9966. I will try to comply to such requests in a timely manner, though this is a manual process and can take time.

I reserve the right to alter this privacy policy at any time and without notification. All changes will be reflected on this page.