Will Maynard


San Jose State University, San Jose, CA University of Redlands, Redlands, CA
M.S. in Software Engineering (Expected December 2019) B.S. in Computer Science (30 April 2012)
Current Cumulative GPA: 3.85 Departmental GPA: 3.65


Development Languages: C# 4.0 / .NET 4.5, PHP, VB, SQL, AS3, JS, Haxe, Python
Spoken Languages: English (native), French (intermediate), Japanese (elementary)
Software: Visual Studio, IntelliJ, TortoiseHg, SQL Server / SSMS, IIS, MySQL, Photoshop, Animate, MS Dynamics


HiT Software, San Jose, CA Software Engineer February 2017 - Present
  • Added script editors to the company’s flagship product, DBMoto, a database replication tool supporting over 20 RDBMS. Replaced previous controls and added new functionality, including intelligent code completion.
  • Inherited, maintained, and added features to legacy test suite application responsible for over 300 automated test cases for DBMoto.
  • Created specialized test applications to quantify performance metrics, troubleshoot external data access library issues, and identify configuration problems on client environments.
  • Investigated customer tickets and log files and reproduced reported issues before assigning JIRA tasks appropriately.
  • Lead engineer for developer support; helped clients debug, customize replications, and perform data transformations.
Ten 90 Studios, Campbell, CA Software Engineer March 2015 – February 2017
  • Developed internal cross-platform tools in AS3 and C# to assist in creation, development, maintenance, and delivery of client projects, resulting in a 60% reduction of programming hours per project.
  • Developed MS SQL databases and RESTful WCF C# services for use with internal tools, client projects, and Geek Factor.
  • Contributed to an internal AS3, JS, and Haxe SDK shared among the development team.
  • Coordinated closely with graphics and QA teams to deliver issue-free HTML5 / JS or AIR demo applications for client technical conferences and internal budgeting meetings.
  • Acted as system administrator in setup, maintenance, and migration to a new Windows VPS, home to the Ten 90 websites and application backend systems, as well as development, staging, and live environments for client projects.
  • Initially hired as a consultant from Robert Half Technology, brought on as full-time employee after contract ended.
IDEC Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA Programmer Analyst July 2012 – March 2015
  • Assisted contractors in charge of development with SQL Server imports, exports, backups and queries.
  • Developed C# Windows services to alert IT via email of common failures, resulting in an estimated 80% reduced downtime for order processing and datasync between Microsoft Dynamics and e-commerce applications.
  • Created SQL scripts and C# console applications to automate fixes to common problems such as datasync, AVS failures, and corrupted database records, saving 1-3 hours for each occurrence.
  • Developed internal web applications to allow business users to filter data and download reports from our databases without assistance from IT, cutting the number of these requests by 90%, with an average of 2.1 reports generated via the tools daily.


Cisco Geek Factor An IT-centric Mobile Trivia Game Ten 90 Studios
8 JUL 2016
  • Cross-platform mobile app developed on the Adobe AIR platform.
  • Responsible for all database design, backend setup and development, deployment, and system administration.
  • SQL Server DB for data persistence with over 100 SPs.
  • Developed the C# WCF RESTful API the app uses to communicate with the database.
  • Created administrative tool for viewing analytics and content management of the game.
Untitled Billing Software Custom Windows Application Independent Contract
19 MAY 2016
  • C# WinForms Application, data persistence achieved via SQL Server and local binary serialization.
  • Project began when previous custom software was lost; the client had been using a custom application for over 18 years which required Windows 98 or earlier. Due to a hard drive failure, the application and data were lost, and client urgently needed a new solution.
  • Work was completed after hours and on weekends. Coordinated with client and QA engineer over BitBucket for project wiki and issue tracking.
  • First released after 4 nights of work; daily releases followed while open enhancements or bugs remained.
MaynardHoganLaw.com Corporate Website Independent Contract
31 JAN 2015
  • C# / ASP.NET Web Forms application. SQL Server stores contact form messages, session data, and user browsing history on the site.
  • Responsible for all design and coding.
  • Implemented a “scoring” scheme so business users can see how interested a potential client is in their services. This information is available via an external application and in submitted contact form messages.